Thursday, 24 April 2014

I've been rubbish at maintaining my blog!

I've been rubbish at maintaining my blog!

Two posts in two years is hardly the stuff of someon with a mission or agenda! No excuses really, other than, that i must be easily distracted or that nothing in the world had piqued my interest! (Not that likely, as I am pretty opinionated normally; I think that it is just  case of not being disciplined enough and establishing a routine.)

Life does have a habit of placing hurdles in the way though, so perhaps I have an excuse for bein distracted.

My sideline, The Chaos Music Roadshow, the Mobile Disco that I co-own and run, has become more established and takes up increasing time. Additionally, I have started a new venture with Forever Living Products where I have become an Independent Distributor for the Aloe Vera and Bee based products. No doubt I will write about these more in the future.....

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